Why Starting A Corporate Wellbeing Program Intrigues Talents Outside Of Your Company

Are you looking to attract new talents to your company? Do you want to retain the most talented employees in your organization?

There is more to job satisfaction than just good salaries and benefits. Studies show that companies which offer corporate wellbeing programs are favored by talents outside the company than those which don’t. Search engine giants Google was among the first companies to start a corporate wellbeing program so as to attract the best talent. This wellbeing program proved to be a success as it improved the staff’s morale, encouraged unity and improved productivity at work. Today, it is reported that almost 90 percent of corporate companies in the US have adopted some form of corporate wellbeing program to improve their employees’ health.

Gone are the days when companies used to rely on good salary package to attract new talent. Many corporate companies want to break away from the monotonous cubicle office by introducing gym membership among other wellness programs. Employers looking for fresh talent are using corporate wellbeing programs to target millennial with creative ideas and new set of skills. Unlike the older generation of workforce, this new generation of talent is hard to please. They are asking themselves whether a corporate company is a good fit for them, if they will be happy working there and how the company will help them develop personally. This has challenged many employers looking to attract this new crop of talent.

If your company has not started a wellness program, you could be jeopardizing your chances of retaining and attracting talented workforce. Now is the right time to start a holistic corporate wellbeing program if you want to encourage staff retention and enhance your recruitment efforts. Your corporate wellbeing program should not only focus on physical wellbeing but also emotional and mental wellbeing of your staff. A recent survey showed that young employees are willing to sacrifice good perks to work for companies that prioritize on wellness programs. Therefore, starting a corporate wellbeing program can make your company a preferred employer choice, especially among the millennial.

In addition to attract top talents to your company, effective wellbeing programs can also enhance personnel development. An effective corporate wellbeing program improves the overall health of employees, thus improving their morale and productivity. Employees are motivated to work for their companies when they know their employer cares about their health and wellbeing. A corporate wellbeing program will make your employees gain your trust, thus encouraging staff retention. Most employees agree that the wellness benefit they get from their employers is the reason why they choose to stay.

For small companies with tight budgets, it can be a challenge to come up with an effective wellbeing program. Generally speaking, an effective corporate wellbeing program should focus on creating a culture of health and wellness, encourage employees to join the program together, and address health challenges such as obesity, stress, and sedentary lifestyle. There are several benefits associated with an effective corporate wellbeing program. These benefits include improved stamina and physical fitness, reduced stress, weight reduction, improved self esteem and personal image. Corporate companies can also benefit from a wellness program like reduced healthcare cost, increased staff productivity, lower absenteeism of staff, and lower rates of injuries and illness.

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