Occupational burnout and how to avoid it

Occupational burnout is caused by unresolvable job related stress for long periods. It happens when one feels overwhelmed as well as unable to meet some work demands. The continuity of stress makes one loose motivation and work interest. A burnout is characterized by symptoms such as emotional exhaustion resulting from excessive work demands, physical symptoms including lack of sleep and headaches, depersonalization by treating colleagues and clients in a cynical way.

A work burnout does not occur overnight, it rather progresses over a time. However, there are a number of signs to help you know you are about to experience a burnout.

Feeling exhausted for quite long
An individual has the feeling of depletion of energy and being at the point of either mental or physical collapse or both.

Loss of motivation and work interest
The best motivation comes from within. Once the internal motivation is gone, an individual is no longer enthusiastic.

Lowered immunity and increased illness frequency
The illness range from headaches frequently to backaches, muscle aches and tension in the neck area. One feels sick a lot leading to increased absenteeism and as well as sickouts.

Change in behavior
A person can even withdraw from his or her responsibilities, taking out his or her frustration on other people and even turning to taking junk food, drugs, caffeine, and alcohol as the way to cope.

Tendency to quit
When a person is having a burnout, begins to shop for a new place to go or even consider quitting from present job altogether.

There are number of ways you can prevent a burnout.

  1. Develop boundaries between your work life and personal life. Avoid overextending yourself. You need to take a break to energize yourself.
  2. Maintain healthy relationships both professionally and personally.
  3. Take breaks occasionally from social media and work life.
  4. Take time each day meditating either in the morning or in the evening before going to bed. You will see the effects in the end.

Companies must take responsibility of burnout. Employers should get their managers well trained to recognize any signs of burnout as well as how to respond. The managers should know how to minimize stress and create a resilient work environment.

Taking positive steps to ensure that the workplace is stress-free is a win-win situation for employer and employees. It brings in productivity and efficiency both for business and parties.


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