How to deal with difficult emails at work

Communication among employees is vital for work climate. All employees must have a professional attitude and language.

However, receiving challenging emails from your manager or colleague can be difficult for anyone to deal with. It is easy to be tempted to fire back a quick response when you are hot tempered. However, keeping a cool head in these circumstances is very important. Before you respond to a rude email, it is important to keep a professional approach towards it. Following tips might help you to stay calm and call back professional you.

Sleep on it and answer the next day 

Sometimes emails do not require an immediate response or any response at all. In case the email is out of the topic and not related to your business or product, the best thing you can do is to avoid sending a response. However, if email is related to your business and requires your attention, sleep on it and answer it later. You will be relaxed the next day. This will help you to respond email professionally.

Do 3-minute meditation to calm down

You are frustrated and stressed about an email you just received. Will you let it ruin your whole day at work? Hell NO. Take some time to calm down your nerves and kick out the stress with three minutes meditation.

Follow the steps below for three-minute meditation at work:

‘’Close your screen and sit comfortably on your chair.

Make sure your spine is elongated as you sit tall on your chair.

Put a pillow behind to support your lower back.

Close your eyes and start to inhale deeply as you exhale slowly. Inhale, and exhale seven times each.

Try to relax and bring your awareness back to your breath any time you
are distracted by your thoughts.

You are in control of your feelings. Do not let anything or anyone distract you or stress you out.

Now with your last breath inhale and repeat the following mantras:

‘’I am in charge of my stress response.’’

‘’I release all expectations that are leading to feelings of stress.’’‘’

This three-minute meditation will help you to calm down and release you from stress.

Take your time to write a professional response

Do not rush into writing your response; you may not use the correct words to give the right answer. Instead, take your time to give a calm and professional response. You can take all day before you respond to an email. You can go for a walk or make yourself some herbal tea or coffee.

Come back to your seat and write your response. Keep it short, simple and avoid criticism.








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