7 Yoga poses to fix poor posture caused by your desk job

Many of us spend days sitting in a desk for hours in misaligned posture. This causes hunching shoulders down and protrudes the neck forward. Besides, we spend breaks looking down to our smart phones. Repetitive actions like these will cause pain and discomfort in the lower back, neck, and hips. Finally, you may face serious health problems such as sciatica, if you do not act upon immediately.

Here are some yoga poses that do not require any equipment and you can do anywhere anytime.


  1. Cat & cow

These poses stretch the spine and open up the back. It is also a headache reliever. It helps to bring the neck back into the position over the spine; because of tendency to protrude the neck forward, cat&cow brings vertebra back to homeostasis.

downward facing dog

  1. Downward facing dog

You should do this pose after a long day of working, if only going to do one pose. This holistic pose stretches and strengthens many parts of the body. Downward facing dog reduces tension on the shoulders, relaxes the neck, and increase blood flow through your brain. It also stretches the legs and release the stress caused by sitting inactive legs all day. Besides, it is a great pose to stretch out the wrist and hands, which become sore and tired from hours of typing.


  1. Mountain pose

This is a powerful back and chest-opening pose. Free up the chest muscles and counter a long day of contracting the back.

stading forward fold

  1. Standing forward fold

Standing forward fold with the arm bind provides a soothing feeling which makes it therapeutic for stress and anxiety. It also gives a deep shoulder stretch. It brings back the blood into your brain while helping to stretch the legs as well.


  1. Cobra

Cobra pose lengthens the spine, opens up the chest, and contracts sitting hunched all day long. It is accessible for everyone.

half pigeon

  1. Half pigeon pose

Hips get tight from long hours of sitting. This pose improves flexibility and brings motion into the hips; opens up the chest and shoulders.

fish pose

  1. Fish pose

Fish pose is a brilliant pose to release the tension on the neck, throat, and head. It helps to stretch chest muscles and opens up the lungs. It is a great pose to deal with anxiety and can be therapeutic for fatigue.


Skip any of the positions when you feel pain or you are uncomfortable in it. The purpose of the practice is to release tension in your body and mind, not the opposite.

Thank to yourself after practice for taking this time for Β your body and mind to connect with inner self. It is great to be mindful of your body and spend time for yourself only, even for 10 minutes.



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